Roma Source


V Civic Forum on the Prevention of Racism and


"Racism and discrimination in the media"


The Graduate Hall School of Law, University of Alicante, took place during the September 22, the V Civic Forum on the Prevention of Racism and Xenophobia. A forum of great importance and magnitude that could be followed live from the Web, where the project "Roma Source" was present through the Maranatha Federation of Gypsy Associations , which was invited to join the roundtable.

This event was attended José Alfredo Maya Maya as president of Maranatha and Jose Luis Gil Hidalgo as a film producer, who during his speech addressed the persistence of stereotypes about the Roma community in the media and contradictions within the same means, do occur, demonstrating through concrete examples, that "stereotypes do not kill only physically but also morally and in the work aspect”

In his speech, José Luis Gil also outlined the work the Federation Maranatha ​​in the European project "Roma Source" by developing and audiovisual materials for awareness workshops in schools. Since the formation of values ​​of the young, as the main guarantee for the prevention of racism and xenophobia.

The Regional Secretary for the Family and Solidarity of the Generalitat Valenciana, Gotzone Mora Temprano, attended the opening ceremony and stressed the influence of media on social behavior, that society should consider the influence of media on racism and xenophobia. In this sense, the regional secretary expressed in the following terms: "We must learn and accept difference and diversity and, in this work, the media have a duty to make visible this diversity"

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