One of the activities that is part of the European project Mem-Rrom are the University Days 'Historical retrospective of the Rroma persecution', organized by the Maranatha Federation of Gypsy Associations with the collaboration and participation of the Universitat de València, more specifically the Faculty of Geography and History.


During two days, on November 23 and 24, the students who attended the conference learned the history of the Roma people, the persecutions and their migratory movements in Europe. They were very attentive and participative in the presentations, they were interested in the gypsy culture and they knew the reality of the gypsy people, a minority ethnic group, without racist stereotypes.
After each conference, both attendees and speakers could discuss the topics discussed and contrast opinions and points of view to enrich the learning perspective.
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The speakers were:
  • Henar Corbí Murguí- Anthropologist and member of the Spanish delegation in "International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance" (IHRA). Conference: "Gypsies and political institutions in Spain".
  • Rosa Vázquez Barrul- President of the Alboreá Association and member of the State Council of the Gypsy People. Lecture-testimony: "The Gypsy woman".
  • Hugo Alejandro Paternina Espinosa- Doctor in Social Anthropology, writer and researcher. Conference: "Historical and anthropological perspective of the Rroma persecution in America".
  • Aldo Rivera Torres- Psychologist for the Rroma community in "Madhouse" (Munich) Lecture: "Health, psychological and social effects derived from discrimination and systematic denigration - Sequels of the experience of horror in the Nazi concentration camps in the survivors and their descendants."
  • Ana Dalila Gómez Báos- President of PRORROM (Colombia). Conference: "Legislative process for the inclusion of the Roma community in Colombia".


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