Pescara learns about Samudaripen

On the 23th february, Pescara city (Italy) hosted the itinerant photo exhibiton SAMUDARIPEN, that has been designed by Maranatha Federation in the frame of the project MEM-ROM: Reflection and memory about Samudaripen.


After it has been visited in Valencia (Spain) and Krakow (Poland),now it is possible to visit the exhibition in the conference room Gioconda, at Liceo Scientifico Leonardo Da Vinci in Pescara (Italy), thanks to the cooperation of Fondazione Romaní Italia (F.R.I.), one of the project partners.

The opening of the photo exhibition, carried out by José Alfredo Maya Maya, president of Maranatha Federation, was followed by a conference in which they have exposed the main conclusions of the International Rroma Seminar celebrated in Valencia on the 28th, 29th and 30th of november 2016.


Around one hundred people have attended the conference, organized by F.R.I., with the objective of recovering the memory of more than 500.000 Rroma people killed as a consequence of the ethnic hate and exclusion during the Second World War.

During the conferece, the Professor Giuliano Bocchia, head of Liceo Scientifico, and the Professor Giovani Agresti, from the Università degli Studi di Terano, have spoken, as well as Nazzareno Guarnieri and Vanessa Cirillo, both from Fondazione Romaní Italia, José Alfredo Maya Maya and José Luis Gil Hidalgo, from Maranatha.


After the speeches, they have watched the video of the Auschwitz visit and the homage to the victims, carried out on the 27th of january 2017, on the occasion of the celebration of the Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation. The meeting has finished with a debate about the current situation of the Rroma population in Europe and the terrible consequences that social inclusion implicates. A lot of attendants participated actively in the debate and their contributions have been really appreciated.

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